About Us

Voya-Sol is a modular, lightweight solar system for migrant communities in refugee camps and informal settlements. 

We aim to be a family's first permanent power system in their new homes: enabling schoolchildren to study after sunset, reducing families' monthly kerosene bills, and facilitating savings to rebuild lives.

Our basic solar system is an affordable starter kit with a 10W module. Powerful enough to charge a light and a cellphone. Cheaper than 2-3 months' of a families' kerosene expenses, though designed to provide power for over a decade. Hardy enough to withstand rain, heat and rough conditions. Light enough to bring along as a family moves.

Most importantly, our system aims to grow with a family's energy needs. Additional modules can be added to the starter kit quickly and easily and at a fraction of the starter kit cost.

We are ironing out the details to build the best product we can and look forward to bringing this to market soon. Stay Tuned. 

Thank you for your support.